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Folk Group “Chveneburebi” consists of 9 members. 

Each of them is from different parts of Georgia that helps them to keep the village tradition and manner of singing. Except singing, each member of the group can dance and play Georgian folk instruments. Each of them can sing all three voices and is distinguished by the special voice tembre.

“Chveneburebi” regularly arranges folk expeditions in regions of Georgia. They work on discovering old folk songs, their different variants and introducing them to the society. They work also on archive records of Georgian folk songs. 

"Chveneburebi" is also successfully travelling abroad. Since the foundation till today members of the group have performed in different countries of Europe and Asia.

The repertoire contains 2 concert programs: 1. Pure Georgian folk concert  2. Concert with ethnomusical compositions composed by the group (additionally including the standard drum, keyboard and bass guitar).

Contemporary membership of the group:

  1. George Gobejishvili – Musical director, First and middle voices. Plays all Georgian folk instruments. ethnic dance. (Upper Racha, Village Chiora)
  2. Solomon Gogashvili – Director, Middle voice, Bass. Plays on Panduri, Bass Panduri and Doli (Kiziki, Village Arboshiki) 
  3. George Sakhokia – Financial Manager, Krimanchuli (so called Jodl), First and middle voices, Bass, Plays on Panduri, Chiboni, Bass Panduri, Chonguri, Doli. ethnic dance (Samegrelo, Village Shkhepi)
  4. Levan Mikeladze - Sound Enginner, Bass, Multiinstrumentalist (Imereti, Villlage Kulashi)
  5. Lela Nakeuri - Upper and middle voices, Plays Phanduri, Bass Phanduri, Chonguri and Garmoni
  6. Vladimer Chaladze – First and middle voices, Bass, ethnic dance (Upper Racha, Village Lagvanta). 
  7. Bachuki Mukbaniani – Bass, ethnic dance (Kvemo Svaneti, Village Tekali)
  8. David Zurabiani – Middle voice, Bass, plays on Chuniri and Bass Panduri, ethnic dance (Kvemo Svaneti, Village Tekali) 
  9. Irakli Apkhaidze - First and middle voices, plays on Doli, Daira and Diplipito (Imereti, Village Ghvankiti)
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